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We are a small boutique full service production company with over 50 full time staff. A creative production studio facility as…

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We do all aspects of jewelry manufacturing, from wax model carving by hand or printed from CAD files,  or hand made masters in…

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Our Studio is located on the “Island of the Gods” in Bali, Indonesia

Welcome to Flow Jewelry Studio

Flow Jewelry Studio is a boutique styled jewelry production studio based in Bali Indonesia and serving brands internationally with private label jewelry production.

The studio environment and management team is very family oriented with focus on strong and quick client communication using all possible technology means available.

While the gold and silver smiths come from a long standing tradition of jewelry making each person in our team a career jeweler, wax carver, caster, plating specialist or sample maker or bench jeweler.

The team prides itself in its long relationships with both the studio and office staff as well as its global clientele. We focus on an environment and belief principle set that promotes commitment, healthy and supportive working conditions with full benefits and a fair working week that allows a balance between studio and family time.

Our master craftsman are supported by the newest technologies in 3D design and model printing as well as oxygen free mixing and casting processes. Using state of the art Italian, German, Japanese and American machinery and technology, as well as materials in the jewelry making process and combining with skilled artisans, learned in the process of jewelry making, handed down through generations of tradition. We blend both the new with traditional techniques seamlessly and combine with a Local and International management team.

We pride ourselves as a leading Jewelry manufacture in Indonesia and as your first choice for jewelry (jewellery) manufacturing in Bali. Whether your needs include wax carving or 3D printing for jewelry, jewelry production and stone setting, jewelry casting or jewelry plating our boutique studio handles all aspects in house and we are ready to serve you.

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