What is Plating?

Plating or more specifically electro-plating is the chemical bonding of ions of one material onto ions of a substrate material, (in our case it is usually gold, silver or rhodium onto a silver or brass substrate) using electrical current at a specific voltage and amperage to facilitate the correct process.

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What should I be aware of if I want to bring my items to Flow Studio for plating only?

If you would like us to take care of your plating only, please note that: We need you to bring us finished items; plating is usually the last production step. Please note that soldering, tumbling,… can destroy your plating. If necessary, please ask us for advices regarding your production routing. We can’t plate on oxidized [...]

What should I be aware of if I want to bring my items to Flow Studio for plating only?2017-01-02T01:44:27+08:00

What is two-tone plating?

This is the process of plating your jewelry with 2 different colors. For this purpose we plate your item with the first color and then need to do what we call “masking” on the parts that should keep the first color before doing the second plating process.

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Does Flow Studio use Nickel during the plating process?

It is important to add a plated layer of metal on the top of your jewelry before gold plating. It prevents tarnishing, color migration, and extends the lifespan of the plating. At Kapit Mas, we use copper to create this layer of metal. We provide nickel-free plating.

Does Flow Studio use Nickel during the plating process?2017-01-02T01:44:12+08:00

What is Flow Studio’s range for plating?

We have a wide range of plating options available: Gold 24K Micron Plating Gold 24K Flash Gold Hamilton 18K Flash Tiffany Rose Gold 14K Flash Silver White Rhodium Black Rhodium White Bronze (a cheaper Rhodium-like color alternative) Copper

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How is the pricing made?

The gold micron plating cost is directly linked with the surface area of the item and the thickness of plating requested. Our price is based on the actual weight of gold added onto your item.

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Does Flow Metal Plate Chains?

Flow Studio can plate your chains whenever they are included in a necklace or pendant design. In order to ensure uniformity of color we strongly recommend you to plate pendants and chains with us at the same time.

Does Flow Metal Plate Chains?2017-01-02T01:43:25+08:00
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