UV Based Colours


UV Based Colour System Luxon by invicon loves the application of bright, eye-catching colors to jewelery and accessories. Luxon makes it possible to achieve luxurious color properties and bright, transparent to neon colors in a simple way. There is no limit to creativity, the Luxon color spectrum can be combined and blended [...]



Shipping Flow Jewelry Studio ships on the account of its clients. Authorization letter is requested for our files and we ship based on clients preference. Please note through experience the preference of Flow Jewelry Studios is to ship with UPS. We also ship registered mail which can be tracked and [...]



Plating Flow Jewelry Studio plates in a number of precious metals. Thickness of plating and budget are discussed on a case by case basis and in line with the request of the client. Please note, general questions like “how much does this cost to plate“ [...]



Casting Flow Jewelry Studio casts in a number of materials from brass, bronze, white metals, sterling silver and gold in a variety of colors and  based on client request. All casting is done in our Indutherm closed system  oxygen-free casting machines. The induction principle used [...]



Flask Wax injection, detailing, sprue and preparation of wax tree are all part of the set up for preparing the flasks and then burn out and casting. Its actually all these steps involved that get us to the point where we can prepare the flask. What makes a good flask? [...]

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