Design from Client

Flow Jewelry Studio has a number of options in regards to approaching client designs. Ideally the main to options are:

  • Cad files ready to print in 3D
    In this case Flow reviews the file and confirms it is print ready and prints exactly as presented from the client. Once the model is printed Flow will photo the piece from a number of angles and send to the client for review and confirmation that the model is ok to cast in metal.
  • Detailed Technical drawings that will either be recreated in CAD or carved by hand
    In this case Flow discusses with the client in regards to their preference for the design as to weather it is recreated in Cad or carved by hand, as well suggest the Flow Jewelry Studios preference after reviewing the designs with the in house design team and sample makers.
  • Designs are received in a variety of forms from client to client.
    Please note:
    the more detailed the design brief and technical drawings are the less time and cost are involved. Designs are received in detail technical drawings complete, rough sketches or perhaps tear outs from a magazine with a rough feel.

Any questions, please get in touch!