Project Description

Injection Detailing and Sprue

Once we have produced the rubber mold and a sample has been created and approved by the client our team in our wax injection department is ready to inject the production order and detail each piece by hand ready to sprue and flask for casting. For every minute of attention given in detailing each wax injection about 10 minutes is saved on the production bench.

Flow takes these facts seriously and in different teams, injection of the mold and detailing of injection is a group effort with the goal to create the best casting possible as well as the best detailed representation of what the piece is meant to be.

Using both vacuum manual controlled and computer controlled injection systems the best option is available for each job at hand whether its a small stud earring to a stone encrusted belt buckle and everything in between.

Understanding the design and choosing the most appropriate type of injection wax allows proper fill and burn out for each model.

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