Injection Detailing and Sprue

Once we have produced the rubbermold and a sample has been created, which then needs to be approved by the client, our team in our wax injection department is ready to inject the production order. Which we then detail each piece by hand, ready to sprue and flask for casting.

We slowly move towards using automated wax injection machines from Riace, though there is a limitation on the size of the mold that is able to be used with the machine. The reason we try to use Riace as much as possible is the machine provides the ability to scan RFID tags that save the information to give the best injection result. which includes; pressure & time.

Why pressure and time are important, it ensures that the final wax weight is standardised unlike a hand-held machine where hand strength or fatigue effects the weight and thickness of pieces.

The data is then stored in the machine, which our team will simply need to scan or type in the keyword to inject.

We take an extra step before arranging our wax tree by detailing the wax injections to make sure that the waxes are clean to produce cleaner casting result.

These injection machines are also equipped with vacuums to reduce any oxygen that creates air bubbles in the wax.

Flow takes these facts seriously and in different teams, injection of the mold and detailing of injection is a group effort with the goal to create the best casting possible as well as the best detailed representation of what the piece is meant to be. As well as understanding the design and choosing the most appropriate type of injection wax allows proper fill and burn out for each model.

Any questions, please get in touch!