UV Based Colour System

Luxon by invicon loves the application of bright, eye-catching colors to jewelery and accessories. Luxon makes it possible to achieve luxurious color properties and bright, transparent to neon colors in a simple way. There is no limit to creativity, the Luxon color spectrum can be combined and blended to achieve a much wider range of colors. For transparent luxon shades, color variations can be combined with pure clear colors, for pastel colors, color variations can be combined with white. Bright color pigments also expand the color possibilities from one combination to another.

  1. High quality surfaces with good color stability
  2. Surfaces can be polished to individual requirements
  3. Matt finish – high gloss
  4. Strong bonding to metal
  5. Transparent color design possible (window enamel technique)
  6. Rapid curing with visible blue light
  7. Ready to use without blending
  8. Efficient application, also possible with dosing system

Luxon jewellery and fine design products: Luxon
transparent designs with vibrant colours.
The design material Luxon® is a light-cured design material from invicon, ideal for jewellery and fine-design creations. The Luxon®standard colour range can be mixed with each other to achieve an even greater colour spectrum. This enhanced spectrum can be further expanded using effect pigments and transparency or pastel enhancers to further grow its creative possibilities.

Color :

  • Luxon pure clear
  • Luxon atlas white
  • Luxon piano black
  • Luxon victoria green
  • Luxon expo green
  • Luxon aruba blue
  • Luxon rally blue
  • Luxon chilli red
  • Luxon oriol yellow
  • Luxon gulf orange
  • Luxon unica turquoise
  • Luxon flash red
  • Luxon flash yellow
  • Luxon flash orange
  • Luxon flash cyclam
  • Luxon flash green
  • Luxon light blue
  • Luxon sparkling gold
  • Luxon sparkling silver
  • Luxon sparkling red
  • Luxon sparkling bronce

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