Let’s take a look at updates and additions in technology over the past season at Flow Jewelry Studio. We are more than happy to update our arsenal of top brand technologies from Solidscape, Yasui, Cimo and Indutherm, once again setting Flow Jewelry Studio far apart from other lesser options as your Brand Partner.

In a boutique studio setting with strong management, our focus is to combine a talented group of Jewelry Professionals with the best technology available in the market.

Please read more to get a better idea of upgrades now in place in our studio.

Solidscape 3Z MAX 2

3D Printing

The 3Z Studio brings the jeweler’s bench to the retail shop where users of any technical level can produce their own intricate wax patterns, ready for casting. The fully automated 3Z Studio marries the passion of fine jewelry design with the power of high precision 3D printing.

Intuitive one-touch operation via a universal LCD icon display eliminates language and technical barriers. Solidscape’s jewelry 3D printer technology and software is jewelry perfection simplified and allows jewelers to create new designs and models that will advance their business.

The 3Z Studio empowers the jewelry creation process from design through finished wax patterns in an effortless workflow that delivers high casting yields, consistent turnarounds and low cost-per-parts.

New 3Z Model and 3Z Support materials produce extremely smooth jewelry wax patterns that accurately reproduce the most intricate of geometries — without the need for manual refining. Both materials offer superior casting properties, fast meltout, no ash or residue, and no thermal expansion

Yasui D-VWI

Wax Injection
D-VWI Digital Vacuum Wax Injector Features of Digital Vacuum Wax Injector D-VWI Good filling. Vacuuming of the mold before injection ensures good filling for fine filigree and difficult designs. Accurate temperature control. Wax tank temperature and nozzle temperature are individually controlled so that accurate injection temperature is obtained. This model has a 99-hour “Heater-ON timer” so you can start injection work at a specific time. It will improve electricity cost and will increase efficiency. Power supply AC, 115 V model or 230 V model, 50/60 Hz, Single Phase Power consumption 450 VA (Max.) Compressed air supply 0.40 – 0.70 MPa Temp. display range 40 – 99.9oC Temp. set range 40 – 90.0oC VAC time set range 0 – 12 0 – 12 sec. INJ time set range 0 – 99.9 sec. / 0 – 600 sec. (Control range by AAC is 0 – 99.9 sec.) Heater ON timer 0 – 99 hours Wax capacity Approx. 3 Kg Accuracy of nozzle temp. +/- 0.2oC Dimensions 450 (W) x 310 (D) x 450 (H) mm Weight Approx. 15.5 Kg The Yasui Digital Vacuum Wax Injector and Advanced Auto Clamp II Systemensures complete wax fills with no shrinkage. The system also features a wax level gauge, therefore it is not necessary to open the cover to check your wax level. The vacuum wax injector can be purchased separately or as a complete set. Made in Japan D-VWIS Digital Vacuum Wax Injection System Wax Shrink Reduced by “Multiple-Injection” Wax shrink is a big problem causing considerable metal loss and change of shape when polished. The solution is newly developed two-time injection system that minimizes the wax shrink.


Mixer Machine
Saint Louis mixers are the only mixers able to blend the investment for fusion – eliminating any gas presence thanks to a procedure patented in Italy. Germany and U.S.A. in fact until very recently investment used to be added to water and blended under climatic atmospheric pressure which fused together the gas contained in the water with that found in the air, causing great difficulty in de-gassing the product, both before and after pouring it into the cylinder. The only obvious solution was to invent a machine capable of de-gassing the components before blending them and then working them under vacuum. The Saint Louis mixer solves these problems and furthermore it shortens working times and guarantees the operator maximum hygiene.

These characteristics allow the achievement of a perfectly compact mixture granting the best results in the baking phase of the mixture therefore guaranteeing strong resistance and a perfect smoothness to the substance being poured.

Indutherm VC 400

Casting Machine
The VC400 is the ideal machine for smaller companies producing moderate quantities but needing considerably more capacity than that offered by MC machines. Often, experienced casters are not particularly interested in automated functions or program control and they can achieve the same quality with the VC400 machine as with more advanced ones. Its induction generator guarantees fast heat-up and thorough mixing of the molten metal by inductive bath movement. From now on VC400 do not only provide the Turbo Pressure function, but in addition they also switch to over pressure automatically after casting.